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The non-profit organization Stella Polare (North Star) Foundation was established to provide guidance to those who feel dissatisfied with the dominant values ​​in today’s society. While individualism, selfishness, greed and artificial materialism seem to be promoted and encouraged, those who follow ethical principles such as honesty, personal integrity, selfless service feels marginalized and almost ridiculed.

Well, we believe that taking shortcuts at the expense of ethics in the end has a cost and even interests to be paid. In fact, repeatedly silencing the voice of conscience we aren’t free from the subtle guilt that such actions create in the depths of our being. These are often the cause of disease and suffering apparently not attributable to them.

The Foundation draws its social inspiration from neo-humanism, that is, the extension of the spirit of love and respect for others, found in humanism, to all created beings, whether animate or inanimate. In other words, the elevation of humanism to universalism.