A way to know and appreciate different cultural expressions

We have children from both Sicilian and Arabic families and they will be guided to create songs and to dub in their mother tongues. This is a useful project for the development of awareness and appreciation for their cultural heritage and respect for the culture and traditions of others through the use of mother tongues.

Volunteers guiding the children will have technical and artistic expertise. They will be native Italians or assigned to FSPO by the European Solidarity Corps, with whom FSPO is already accredited. It is essential that children broaden their vision of life beyond the invisible but perceived boundaries of the neighbourhood.

The masonry work is almost completed, and we have nearly all the necessary musical instruments. We still need soundproofing and soundproof doors, a video projector and synchronized dialogue recording equipment.

Soundproofing and sound absorbing panels 1.900,00
Soundproof doors 600,00
Microphone Aston Spirit  350,00
Computer for digital recordings 1.300,00
Sound card Focusrite Scarlett octo pre 350,00
Headphones dt 100 Bayerdynamic  120,00
Stage box 16 in 4 out  150,00
Cannon cables 12.00 euro each 240,00
Battery microphones set 200,00
A pair of Yamaha HSM 8 monitors 500,00
Total 5.710,00
Battery Pearl Forum Series 500,00
Casio digital piano 300,00
Electric guitar Fender 900,00
Ibanez semi-acoustic guitar 200,00
Fender acoustic guitar 100,00
Electric bass Soundstation 80,00
Classical guitar Quenca 500,00
Classical guitar Alhambra 200,00
Large Darbuka 150,00
Bass amplifier Ashdown 300,00
Ibanez electric guitar amplifier 50,00
Electric guitar amplifier Fender 30,00
Soundstation battery powered amplifier with radio microphone 350,00
Yamaha amplified speakers 300,00
Boss digital recording console 500,00
Shure SV-100 studio microphone 35,00
Audi ATR 30 microphone 30,00
Sony microphone 20,00
Total 4445,00