Fencing around the 1500m2 rooftop has started: the brickwork has been completed, 24 six-meter poles and 118 two-meter poles have been installed. What is left is to install a two-meter high metal net for the children’s safety, and a six-meter high nylon net to prevent soccer balls and volleyballs from ending up on the street below. We need your contributions to complete the fencing and to complete the playground. Artificial turfs for the soccer field and the volleyball court are required as well as outdoor playground equipment for younger children.

Help us open this playground as soon as possible; there will be very many of us to be grateful to you!

1. Soccer field 25×14 meters (preparation of the ground, synthetic grass, doors and installation)
39 rollers bituminous sheath 1.162,20
4 bituminous primer bins  143,72
3.5 days labour for construction of bituminous substrate (100m2 per day) 280,00
350 m2 installed synthetic grass 5.950,00
2 goals 550,00
Total 8.085,92
2. Volleyball court 22×14 meters (preparation of the ground, grass or synthetic cover of the field, net)
34 bituminous sheath rollers  1.013,20
4 bituminous primer bins  143,72
308 m2 synthetic grass 5.236,00
Poles and dividing net 500,00
3 days labour for construction of bituminous substrate 240,00
Total 7.132,92
3. Skating ring 20×16 meters (preparation of the bottom and structures for variants, poles and safety fence)
65 packs of Mapelastic cementitious resin 5.113,60
7 retention net rollers 167,30
13 days of labour to build the surface  1.024,00
36 galvanized poles for fence 306,00
3 electro-welded mesh rollers for security fence  144,00
Iron structures for path variations 1.200,00
Total 5.954,90
4. General play area
Giant trampoline 4.3×3.7 meters and anchor 2.100,00
Assisted climbing (holds, harnesses and safety pulley)  400,00
Swings with 6 places and poles (prep. surface and construction steel structure)  5.600,00
Marine sand swimming pool 4×3 meters (bottom prep., wall construction)  600,00
Long jump (bottom prep., batting axis and various accessories, sand transport) 1.200,00
Total 8.820,00
GranD Total: € 36.473,74 

Preparation and installation of fence posts

50 days Working  4.000,00
23 6 m poles 721,32
72 poles 2 m 368,93
9 electro-welded mesh rollers for security fence 418,51
Iron staircase leading to the rooftop playground 6183,00
Total 11705,25