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Fondazione stella polare onlus

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Stella Polare Foundation was born to provide a guide to those who feel dissatisfied with the dominant values in today’s society. Individualism, selfishness, greed and the artificial materialism seem to be promoted and encouraged, while those who follow ethical principles such as honesty, personal integrity and selfless service feel marginalized and almost ridiculed.

We believe that there is a price to pay for taking shortcuts at the expense of ethics. Repeatedly silencing the voice of conscience does not free one from subtle guilty feelings that these actions create in the deepest part of our being. Indiscernible to many, these feelings are actually a cause of disease and suffering.


Is lasting happiness really possible?

We live our lives as if we were immortal but, from a macrocosmic viewpoint, human life is only a flash of brilliant potential that often remains unexpressed due to internal limitations and external bondages. Ancient wisdom teaches us that true happiness is the result of harmony within and without, and not greed, individualism and artificial divisions.


Is individual interest the best choice?

According to ancient wisdom, “One is All and All is One.” This means that what is beneficial to others is also beneficial to the self, and what is detrimental to others is also detrimental to the self. We have seen that by destroying Nature for short-term gains, human beings are also destroying their own habitat, Earth.

Hence, in order to become a great humane family that lovingly nourishes and protects all beings beyond their utility value, we must promote public welfare through respect and a sense of responsibility toward all living beings and the inanimate world. 

Everyone of us can contribute to society, yet many great human talents remain unknown and their valuable contributions are lost due to our incomplete knowledge of human psychology and disregard of the innate spiritual longing that animates all human beings.

How to generate positive changes?

Moving forward towards the bright future of humankind is the responsibility of all, and every sincere effort toward a more just and human society counts. 

Stella Polare Foundation welcomes all to work together with us for a future in which people will be free from physical and mental ailments, in which no one is forced to undergo suffering under the pressure of adverse circumstances and, above all, where everyone can see the positive side of everything.